Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wolf Team Hack Pack [WORKING!!]

WolfTrainer Hacks included :
ALT + Z = Active hack .
Speed hack : ALT + 1 [On/Off]
9999 WP Hack : ALT + 2 [On/Off] // you get 9999+ wp when using basic weapon
EXMODE Hack : ALT + 3 [On/Off] // so can use Guardian in deathmatch
Observe Hack : ALT + 4 [On/Off]

Backup your mss32.dll in Wolfteam folder , then copy + past WolfTrainer.dll and mss32.dll that i attached to wolfteam folder . Then start game it will attach automatically , after the game start then you can enter the server minimize and click OK on the messagebox then press ALT+Z to start the hack . Finnaly you can use the hotkeys above to turn on/off the hacks .

100% Worked in vista 32bit .
- if it doesn't attach , or the game crash and doesn't start . replace the mss32.dll with the old one that you have and use an injector to inject WolfTrainer.dll to WolfTeam.bin manually .
I upload Xeffar Injector , Works for my XP [ Open Bypass-FunctionDLL then type Wolfteam.bin , click enter then select the dll WolfTrainer.dll and start wolfteam . but sometimes it fails to inject so retry .

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EDITE : For those who didn't get it to work .
uploaded unother one compiled in windows xp and 100% worked and auto injected , do as the same steps above just DON'T Click OK on the messagebox while gameguard loading it will crash , click ok after you can select server .

First is you are using the old one with mss32.dll , post the backup and delete wolftrainer.dll and make sure you can run wolfteam without a hack .

Then backup your Buddy2.dll ( i provided one incase you wont do that ) and past the Buddy2.dll and WolfLite.dll in wolfteam folder , then run wolfteam it should work .

Updates(Wolflite package)
Changes :
Max WP = 2500 ; so you dont get dc or banned of that
Respawn to base ; hotkey lift_shift then click with your mouse you will be able to cjoose weapons again and get full hp .
20 combo kill
cross hair

Credits goes to :
Dragonlord who guide me in making this hack.
Me who made this hack.


For WolfLite package , the message will pops up after the gameguard load finish then you have to click OK or else the game wont start...
This is the XP version of the hack(for those ppl whos hack dun work on the computers)try this..

Download Link:WolfTrainer[XP].zip